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A Guiding Teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and co-founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute, Jonathan offers talks, guided meditations and inquiries into what it means to be awake in mind and heart.

Sep 16, 2020

This talk explores the pitfall of avoiding unfinished business in the name of spiritual idealism.


You’ll learn how to identify your patterns of avoidance and explore some great strategies for embracing a reality-based practice.

Sep 4, 2020

This talk explores the art of self-care.


You’ll learn about what might block your instinct for kindness and compassion for your self as well as some suggestions for being more aware of your unmet needs and how to respond skillfully.

Aug 27, 2020

This guided meditation moves from concentration on an anchor to a systemic exploration of the space within and around you.


Note:  If you feel ungrounded or woozy, try opening your eyes and returning to concentration practice.

Aug 27, 2020

This talk explores how to get more free from the judging mind.


You’ll learn how unexamined biases can restrict what’s possible in your life and two keys to dissolving judgment and opening to greater wisdom and compassion.

Aug 12, 2020

This talk explores how to work with the judging mind when it turns on you.


You’ll explore the nature of comparing mind, how the mind can be ruthless as well as how the mind can be balanced and an ally in your practice and in your life.