Jonathan Foust
This talk explores the reality of change and how you can shift your relationship to what is happening in your life.
You’ll learn how change is an essential fact of reality, how you can learn to embrace change and what it means to live in a world that seems to be changing faster and faster.
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This talk explores how to find freedom in relationship to sickness, old age, death and embracing ‘reality-based’ practices.
You’ll learn how deeply investigating these phenomena helps you to savor and celebrate this life and to re-dedicate yourself to live your life fully.
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This talk explores the transformative power of forgiveness and letting go.
You’ll learn about the consequences of not letting go, how to motivate yourself to change, the technology of forgiveness and what it means to cultivate a forgiving heart as a personal practice.


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This talk explores four insights I had from my annual winter retreat at the Forest Refuge.
You’ll learn about how to use inquiry to explore what it is you truly know for certain, how to see more clearly into your conditioning, how to turn directly to that which is between you and feeling free and a way of exploring the nature of ‘self.'
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This talk explores the role of the body in the practice of awakening.
You’ll learn how awareness of your body helps you to be present, to heal, to access intuition and to see clearly into the nature of reality. 
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This talk explores the importance of having clear intentions.
You’ll learn how to navigate four questions that can help you gain greater clarity:  What do you really really want?  How much do you really really want it?  What is your weakest link?  What are the systems you need to help you realize your goals?
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This talk explores four things to remember when deep in practice.
You’ll learn about these powerful and inter-related inquiries:  What am I feeling right now?  How more fully present can I be right now?  What am I noticing right now?   Can I be with this … right now?  
This is the first evening's talk from the IMCW New Year’s Retreat. 
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This talk explores what can happen when you actively cultivate compassion for those around you.


You'll learn how inner awareness leads to outer awareness, how to train yourself to be aware of others' feelings and unmet needs and ultimately, how to move from compassion to skillful action.

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This talk explores the power of self-compassion.

You'll learn about the two wings of mindfulness, the 'near-enemies' of compassion and what can happen when you take on compassion as a conscious practice.

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This talk explores happiness as your essential nature.
You’ll learn how the intention to be truly happy cultivates clarity, wisdom and the realization of the inter-connectedness of your life. 
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