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A Guiding Teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and co-founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute, Jonathan offers talks, guided meditations and inquiries into what it means to be awake in mind and heart.

Apr 26, 2016

This talk explores how accepting sickness, old age and death can dramatically transform your life.
You’ll learn about how cooperating with the Three Characteristics of Reality  can allow you to embrace and live your life to the fullest.   You’ll also learn a few  mildly offensive jokes.

Apr 19, 2016

This talk explores what can happen as you develop concentration.
You’ll learn how each element of the path is interconnected, about the balance of concentration and mindfulness,  more on the states of absorption (the jhanas) and where the path actually leads.

Apr 12, 2016

 Talk explores skillful means for being aware.
You’ll learn the core instructions that guide you how to be aware of four essential areas:  the body, feeling tone, mind-states and in your moment-to-moment experience, what is true.

Apr 5, 2016

This talk explores how to manage your energy as you pursue your aspirations.
You’ll learn about four guidelines:  How to prevent unwholesome states before they arise, how to let go of unwholesome states when they have arisen, how to cultivate wholesome states that have not yet arisen and how to maintain wholesome...