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A Guiding Teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and co-founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute, Jonathan offers talks, guided meditations and inquiries into what it means to be awake in mind and heart.

Aug 12, 2023

This talk reveals the best technique for awakening heart and mind.


You’ll learn about techniques that awaken your capacity for sustained present-moment awareness, techniques for cultivating awareness of change, techniques for purifying the heart and techniques for opening to the mystery.  And at the end, the...

Jul 11, 2023

We’re back! We had so much fun last time we are doing another.  

Here’s the second installment of practice questions with Tara Brach and Jonathan Foust. 

Jun 20, 2023

This talk explores how to increase your capacity for joy and wholesome states.


You’ll learn about the nature of Joy, what gets in the way of the experience and how to cultivate more and more positive and fulfilling qualities of presence.

Feb 9, 2016

This meditation, from the Monday Night class, begins with a gentle stretch, a few minutes of conscious breathing, moves into concentration and mindfulness practices and then closes with a few minutes of resting in presence.


Dec 22, 2011

In the meditation we begin with willful breathing and continue to explore effortless breathing and the practice of allowing.