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A Guiding Teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and co-founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute, Jonathan offers talks, guided meditations and inquiries into what it means to be awake in mind and heart.

Mar 30, 2016

This talk explores the importance of finding a form of livelihood that truly resonates for you.
You’ll learn how Johnny Paycheck’s classic country song “Take This Job and Shove It” ties into Buddhist psychology, a model for changing your relationship to work and what can happen when you substitute the word...

Mar 22, 2016

This talk explores how to use five precepts (guidelines) to enhance and deepen your practice.
You’ll learn how you can use these guidelines in a personal and nuanced approach rather than viewing them them through the lens of “Thou shalt not…”.

Mar 8, 2016

This talk explores guidelines for wise and skillful speech.
You’ll learn why not to use auto-correct on your phone, the impact and criteria for  wise speech, questions you can ask yourself before speaking, a powerful communication model and what’s possible when you pay attention to the relationship between...

Mar 1, 2016

This guided meditation starts with a detailed body-scan, then offers a choice of anchors for more spacious practice.

Mar 1, 2016

This talk explores the importance of clear and conscious intention.
You’ll learn about the difference between a goal and an intention, how intention is related to karma, three main intentions you might keep in mind and how the spirit of an intention is to bring you back to the here and now.