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A Guiding Teacher at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and co-founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute, Jonathan offers talks, guided meditations and inquiries into what it means to be awake in mind and heart.

Feb 13, 2013

Anxiety and fear, if unexamined, leave you unsteady and disatisfied.  When you can name a fear and investigate it with kindness, new possibilities emerge.  This talk explores what happens in your brain and nervous system when you feel fear as well as some practical, pragmatic strategies that can lead to...

Feb 5, 2013

You can develop concentration through willful effort and practice.  Mindfulness, or non-judging awareness develops only through patience and relaxation.  Together, these two elements lead to freedom.

Feb 5, 2013

This guided meditation moves from willful breathing to a body scan to resting in spacious awareness.